After practicing architecture for 36 years and taking photographs of finished projects, I decided 6 years ago to focus on the photography side of the profession.  My early work included clients in Madison, WI, before moving to the Sacramento area in 2017.  Great architecture, weather, and family nearby made this a good place to continue building my photography business. 
I like working with the designer to get an understanding of the concepts that shaped the space which allows me to help explain the designer's intent through the appropriate viewpoints.  Trying to define three dimensional space though a two dimensional image is extremely difficult and my experience makes this process easier in accomplishing the best images.  Besides, it's more fun to come in at the end of the project after all the hard work is done and photograph the results. 
Another subject I like to photograph is criterium cycle racing.  Being a former racer helps me show what the rider sees and feels during a race while capturing the sport's intense physical demands.